2009 Solo & Ensemble

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Congratulations to all who participated, and to Mr. P. for raising such a good crop of musicians this year. Special recognition to Maria Piccinelli for providing accompaniment to so many performers.

Rated Superior as an Orchestra soloist:

Timothy Bang
Sunny Cho
James Cho
Sophia Cicalese
Emily Goss
Nichola Leocadio
Darren Packer

Rated Superior as a Band Ensemble:

Quartet: Caroline Chu, Rachel Reiss, Christina Sileo and Samantha Godskind
Trio: Andrea Hodapp, Rebecca Tutunick and Rachel Reiss

Rated Superior as a Band Soloist:

Samuel Sternfield
Rachel Reiss (2)
Alexandria Ng
Rebecca Tutunick (2)
Amy Morgia
Matthew Hayslip
Jessica Turner
Nicole Oliva
Caroline Chu
Madeline Gropman
Kadeem Rowe
Ashma Ganaishal
Ricky Mullings
Krishna Sookchard
Ryan Crismond
Kristopher Miller
Mandi Schulman
Anthony Maviglia
Carleigh Shaheen
Sabrina Reiss
Vivian Zhai
Alex Spanoudis
Rachel Weschler
Nancy Smith
Dylan Harrison
Titus Bang
Samantha Godskind (2)
Keno Katebay
Adi Bouzaglo

(2) means that the student received superior ratings in 2 different instruments

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Solo and Ensemble

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CONGRATULATIONS to all students who participated in solo and ensembles this weekend! We had 39 students receive superiors. Superior is the highest rating that a student can receive. Way to go!


No Afterschool Rehearsals Today

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Hey everyone,

I will not be in school today. Unfortunately I am sick, and did not want to pass that to your students. There will be no drumline, and there will not be solo and ensemble help after school.

Mr. P