Schedule for 1/31-2/4

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Monday 1/31- Jazz Band- 7:45-9am
Talent Show Tryouts- 3:45-6pm

Tuesday 2/1- Colorguard- 3:45-6pm
Jazz Band- 3:45-6pm

Wednesday 2/2- Symphonic Band- 7:45-9am
Talent Show Tryouts- 3:45-6pm

Thursday 2/3- Jazz Band- 7:45-9am
Colorguard- 3:45-6pm
Wind Ensemble- 3:45-5pm (Only one hour
this week)

Friday 2/4- Wind Ensemble- 7:45-9am
Jazz Band (ONLY RHYTHM SECTION)- Special
practice with the conductor from the All
County Jazz Band- 3:45-6pm

Saturday 2/5- Colorguard Competition- JP Taravella High

PICTURE DAY- 2/10- Students must bring grey polos to school for pictures.

Friday Feb. 18th- CONCERT (Beginning Band/Advanced Band)- 6-7pm; Students must arrive at 5:30. Concert will be help at our cafeteria.

Wednesday 2/23- Colorguard Family Night- Stoneman Douglas High- 6pm; 5 Dollars per person.

Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or conflicts!

Mr. P

Thursday 2/24- TALENT SHOW- 7pm; Cafeteria

Friday and Saturday 2/25-2/26- Solo and Ensemble (Pines Middle)


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CONGRATULATIONS to all of our colorguard members for coming in 2nd place at our very first competition of the year! Our 34 girls did so well at the premiere performance at West Broward High School. WAY TO GO!!!


Wind Ensemble Correction

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On my last blog I forgot to add a Wind Ensemble rehearsal for Thursday after school. I also failed to mention that the Friday morning rehearsal is only for brass wind ensemble members. So sorry for the confusion.

Again, you can always refer to the Wind Ensemble clalendar that your students received.

Mr. P


Schedule for upcoming week

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Monday- 1/24- All-County Band Concert- 7pm; Coral Springs Center for the Arts (Please come and support our 11 students who made the band this year! Vivian Zhai, Jessica Turner, Titus Bang, Alvaro Fernandez, Alex Spanoudis, Janie Aspinwall, Alexandria Ng, Joshua Panakal, Rachel Godskind, Madeline Gropman, and Nicole Oliva.)

Tuesday- 1/24-Colorguard 3:45-7pm (Extended one extra hour due to our first competition coming up Saturday)
Jazz Band 3:45-6pm (With guest clinicians. Please make sure you are there!)

Wednesday- 1/26- Symphonic Band 3:45-6pm (please make sure your student has enough lunch to get them trough the long day.)

Thursday- 1/27- Jazz Band 7:45-9am
Colorguard 3:45-7pm (Extended one extra hour due to our first competition coming up Saturday)
BAND Parent Meeting 6-7pm (Bandroom- Topics to be discussed include solo and ensemble festival, end of year trip, band/orchestra/guard banquet, and upcoming fundraisers.)

Friday- 1/28- Wind Ensemble 7:45-9am

Saturday- COLORGUARD COMPETITION (West Broward High School)
*** Students will meet at the front of the school at 9am. We will take a bus together and come back together.


TALENT SHOW VOLUNTEERS- All of the people who are helping with talent show sign-ups and ticket sales need to plan on arriving no later than 11am and will be leaving around 1:50. The lunches begin at 11:15 and end at 1:47pm.

BAND PARENT MEETING- Thursday we will have a meeting for all band parents. The meeting will go from 6-7pm. We have a lot of information to share so please don’t miss out!

PICTURE DAY! Every year we do specific pictures for our band, orchestra, and colorguard students. Everyone needs to bring their grey polos that day to school. All pictures are taken by a professional company and are for sale. There are different packages available. Students will take pictures with their instruments and/or flags. This will take place on Thursday, February 10th during school. This will be during band class, so only the guard girls might need to miss class for about 5 to ten minutes.

SPRING CONCERT- On Friday, February 18th, we will be having our spring concert. This concert will take place in our cafeteria from 6-715pm. Performing groups include our beginning band and advanced band. The concert is free, so please bring all of your friends and family to support our students!

COLORGUARD FAMILY NIGHT- On Wednesday, February 23rd, the Stoneman Douglas Colorguard will be hosting the first annual family night. This event will include our guard, the Douglas guard, and the guard from West Glades Middle. The event begins at 6pm and will cost about 5 dollars per person. This will be a fun time of meet and greet as well as each of the guard performing their shows.

TALENT SHOW- Thursday, February 24th; 7-9pm. Please buy tickets and come support our program. This is one of our biggest fundraisers.

SOLO AND ENSEMBLE FESTIVAL- Friday and Saturday, February 25th-26th. Pines Middle School.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns:



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We are in need of help for our upcoming Talent SHow fundraiser. We need people to help with talent show sign-up as well as talent show ticket sales. This is one of our biggest fundraisers, so it is very important that we have your assistance.

Here are the dates and times:

2 people per day
During lunch periods (10″30-about 1:30)

2 people per day
During lunch periods (10″30-about 1:30)

Thank you!
Mr. P

Schedule for 1/18-1/21

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Monday 1/17- NO SCHOOL (Enjoy!)

Tuesday 1/18- Colorguard; 3:45-6pm
Jazz Band; 3:45-6pm

Wednesday 1/19- Symphonic Band; 3:45-6pm

Thursday 1/20- Jazz Band; 7:45-9am
Colorguard; 3:45-6pm
Wind Ensemble; 3:45-6pm

Friday 1/21- Jazz Band; 7:45-9am


*** On Thursday and Friday ALL classes will have their final test for the 2nd quarter. Please make sure your students are practicing so they end the quarter strong!



Schedule for 1/10-1/14

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1/10 (Monday)-
Jazz Band- 7:45-9am
ALL-COUNTY JAZZ REHEARSAL- 6-9pm; Ramblewood Middle (Only for the 2 students who made this group)

1/11 (Tuesday)-
Jazz Band- 3:45-6pm
Colorguard- 3:45-6pm
Colorguard Parent Meeting- 6-7pm
ALL-COUNTY BAND REHEARSAL- 6-9pm; Ramblewood Middle (Only for the 11 students who made this group)

1/12 (Wednesday)-

1/13 (Thursday)-
Colorguard- 3:45-6pm

1/14 (Friday)-

Important Reminders:

1) Solo and Ensemble- This week most students will receive a form for solo and ensemble. This form will need to be turned in by the 21st of January. This event is expected from all 3rd and 5th period students, but optional for all other students who get invited by Mr. P. The event itself will take place on Friday and Saturday on Feb. 25th and 26th.

2) IMPORTANT PARENT MEETING- Thursday January 27th; 6-7pm; We will give a lot of important information about a lot of upcoming events. Please don’t miss this meeting!

3) Talent Show Help!
On the week of January 24th we need parents to volunteer to do sign up for our talent show fundraiser. This would require you to be at our school during the lunch periods that week.
We will also need help selling tickets from January 16th to January 24th. This would also require volunteers to be at our school during the lunch times to sell tickets.

Thursday, February 10th (During class)

Students will need to wear their gray polo shirts, but the picture will be from the waist up, so there is no need for the black pants. All students will have their instruments/flag, and you will have an opportunity to buy a package of pictures. These always look great!!!

5) Talent Show- Thursday, February 24th; 7-9pm (Cafeteria)

*** This is one of our main fundraisers. Please support us by buying tickets and coming to watch.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Mr. Piccinelli

Parent Contribution

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I would like to first thank all of you who have paid your 50 dollar parent contribution! We do a lot of great things for your students with the money collected from your contribution.
However, a lot of people have still not paid their contribution to our program. Unfortunately we have stopped using all clinicians, have not been able to buy necessary music, have not been able to fix instruments or buy new equipment. Only about half of our students have turned in that money and we are now in real need.
So I now will kindly ask all of you who have not turned in your contribution to please help our program. The money always goes back to your students and they are the ones who benefit from your contribution. We do understand that times are tough, but please remember that your sacrifice of 50 dollars will make your student and our program even better! We need your help!
If there is anyone that is doing very well financially and would like to donate money to help our program we would greatly appreciate that! As I said before, we have a lot of needs right now and could use all of the financial help available.

Mr. Piccinelli


Schedule for 1/3-1/7

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Parents and Students,

First of all, I hope that everyone had a very relaxing break! I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy new year!!!

The schedule for this week is as follows:

Tuesday (1/4)- ONLY COLORGUARD
*** No Jazz Band because of All-County auditions. All Jazz Band students are required to audition for this group. Auditions are Tuesday starting at 4pm at Ramblewood Middle. This only applies to jazz band students.

Thursday (1/6)-
Jazz Band- 7:45-9am
Colorguard- 3:45-6pm
*** No WIND ENSEMBLE because of All-County auditions. Students have already submitted their names if they were interested, so those students must show up. Auditions will be starting at 4pm at Ramblewood Middle on Thursday.

Friday (1/7)-
Symphonic Band- 7:45-9am

1) Please be on the lookout for upcoming fundraisers. We have a car wash and talent show coming up soon!

2) Please make sure you give your parent contribution if you have not turned that in yet. We need to continue to bring in clinicians to work with the students, but our funds are running very low.

3) Please make sure your students are practicing on a daily basis.

4) The Solo and Ensemble Festival will be coming up very soon. Information will be given out this week, so please make sure your students get that information to you. This will be a great event for all students!

5) Please make sure you check my blog on a weekly basis. I will be doing a better job of posting important information as much as possible.

Looking forward to a great week!
Mr. P