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Ashley, Margaret Lee In April
Benét, William Rose The Marvelous Munchausen
Burr, Amelia Josephine Perugia
Burton, Richard Human
Here Lies Pierrot
Bynner, Witter Lest I Learn
Carman, Bliss Over the Wintry Threshold
A Mountain Gateway
Cather, Willa Sibert A Likeness
Cawein, Madison The Speckled Trout
Coates, Florence Earle An Adieu
Davis, Fannie Stearns Wind
Fisher, Mahlon Leonard November
Guiterman, Arthur In the Hospital
Hagedorn, Hermann The Ghost
Harding, Ruth Guthrie In a Forgotten Burying-Ground
Hewitt, Ethel M. Heart's Tide
Hill, Francis Rich Man, Poor Man --
Howells, Mildred God's Will
Hutchison, Percy Adams The Swordless Christ
Kilmer, Joyce Trees
Ledoux, Louis V. Hymn to Demeter
A Threnody
Lee, Agnes A Roman Doll
Le Gallienne, Richard May is Building Her House
Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel The Kallyope Yell
MacKaye, Percy School
Marshall, Marguerite Mooers Ghosts
Mitchell, Ruth Comfort The Sin Eater
Neihardt, John G. Morning Glories
O'Brien, Edward J. Of Moira Up the Glen
OShell, Seamus Thanksgiving for Our Task
Robinson, Edwin Arlington The Field of Glory
Sanborn, Robert Alden To a Child Falling Asleep
Sterling, George Night Sentries
Sterry, Ruth Salutation
Teasdale, Sara Sappho
The Old Maid
Towne, Charles Hanson Waiting
Untermeyer, Louis On the Birth of a Child
van Dyke, Tertius Love of Life
Wheelock, John Hall Departure
Woodberry, George Edward St. John and the Faun
Wright, Willard Huntington Later
What of the Night?

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