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List of "Distinctive Poems," their authors, and the magazines in which they appeared

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Century --
Poem Author
A Light Bearer. Marion Couthouy Smith
Unmasked. Madison Cawein
Robert Browning. Charles Wharton Stork
Will's Counsellor. Charles Wharton Stork
Song of the Open Land. Richard Burton
Along the Road. Robert Browning Hamilton
A Prayer. Louis Untermeyer
Charms. William Rose Benét
Deep Water Song. John Reed
Not Yet. Katharine Lee Bates
The Double Crowning. Amelia Josephine Burr
Vermont. Sarah N. Cleghorn
To a Scarlet Tanager. Grace Hazard Conkling
To the Experimenters. Charles Badger Clark, Jr.
My Conscience. James Whitcomb Riley
The Little People. Amelia Josephine Burr.
For a Blank Page. Austin Dobson
A Message from Italy. Margaret Widdemer
The Gentle Reader. Arthur Davison Ficke
Submarine Mountains. Cale Young Rice
The Last Faun. Helen Minturn Seymour.
Ritual. William Rose Benét
Emergency. Will Rose Benét
The Mother. Timothy Cole
Perugia Amelia Josephine Burr
To Elsa, with a volume of the "Arabian Nights". Grace Hazard Conkling
The Carpenter's Son. Sara Teasdale
Sarvachradden. Leonard Bacon
The Shoes of Happiness. Edwin Markham
Twilight Mystery. Madison Cawein.

Poem Author
Presage. Richard Le Gallienne
The Festa. George Edward Woodberry
Panthea. Richard Le Gallienne
The Upland. Henry A Beers
In April Margaret Lee Ashley
Waiting Charles Hanson Towne
May is Building Her House Richard Le Gallienne
The Sea Hounds. Dora Sigerson Shorter
The Marble House. Ellen M H Gates
Loss. Jessie B Rittenhouse
An Adieu Florence Earle Coates
The Deep Places. Amelia Josephine Burr
The Seer. Alan Sullivan
This is Her Garden. Mildred Howells
Folk-Song. Louis Untermeyer
September Rain. Charles Hanson Towne
God's Will Ethel M Hewitt.
The Wanderer. John Masefield
Wind Fannie Stearns Davis
The Mother. Fannie Stearns Davis.
By the Curb. James Stephens
God's Will Mildred Howells
On a Bright Winter Day. W D Howells
A Secret. Florence Earle Coates
Ghosts Fannie Stearns Davis
Out of It All. Edith M Thomas
Words. Ernest Rhys
The Telegram. Thomas Hardy
A Winter Reverie. James Stephens

Poem Author
Return. Curtis Hidden Page
Old Portraits Revisited. Sarah Cleghorn
The Old Remian. Madison Cawein
To Lie in the Lew. Margaret Vandegrift
The Secret. John Hall Wheelock
The Exile. Thomas Nelson Page
At Ease on Lethe's Wharf. Helen Coale Crew
Discords. C A Price
In the Hospital Arthur Guiterman
The Jail. Sarah Cleghorn
Song for a Child. Stark Young
Here Lies Pierrot Richard Burton.
Himself He Cannot Save. M A de Wolfe Howe
The River. Sara Teasdale
Love of Life Tertius van Dyke
Daybreak in the Grand Canyon of Arizona. Henry van Dyke
Threnody, A Louis V Ledoux
La Preciosa. Thomas Walsh
Song of Love. E Sutton
Sonnet. R Henniker Heaton
No Night There. William Hervey Woods
In a Monastery Garden. Marjorie L C Pickthall
In the Old Pasture. Harriet Prescott Spofford
The Ghost Hermann Hagedorn
Gran' Boule. Henry van Dyke
A Likeness Willa Sibert Cather.
Sappho Sara Teasdale.
The Dead Forerunner. C W
The Grief. Theodesia Garrison
The Enchantment. Laurence C Hodgson

The Forum--
Poem Author
What of the Night? Willard Huntington Wright
The Italian Death March. Shaemas OSheel
The Girl Who Went to Ailey. Arthur Stringer
Copper Mountain. Edwin D Schoonmaker
The Republic. Madison Cawein
The Factory. Harry Kemp
Earth's Deities. Bliss Carman
St. John and the Faun George Edward Woodberry
The Ring Fighters. Francis Hill.
Journey. Edna St Vincent Millay
Swordless Christ, The Percy Adams Hutchison
Shipwreck. Hermann Hagedorn
The City That Will Not Repent. Nicholas Vachel Lindsay
The Old Maid Sara Teasdale
Evening on Brooklyn Bridge. Allan Updegraff
Mother-Heart. Anna Spencer Twitchell
Departure John Hall Wheelock
A Prayer for Beauty. Witter Bynner
School Percy Mackaye
Off Viareggio. Chester Allyn Reed
In the Maternity Ward. Florence Earle Coates
Kallyope Yell, The Nicholas Vachel Lindsay
Birth. Frances Gregg
For Those Dear Dead. Elaine Goodale Eastman
Crossroads. Louis V Ledoux
Thanksgiving for Our Task Shaemas OSheel
Point Bonita. Witter Bynner

Poem Author
The Common Road. Jane Belfield
Quatrain. Charles Wharton Stork
The True Prophet. Richard Kirk
Of Melodies Unheard. Mahlon Leonard Fisher
The Neighbor. Marguerite O B Wilkinson
A New Friend, An Old Friend. Madison Cawein.
I Heard a Voice. Florence Earle Coates
The Inn. Mary Eleanor Roberts
Of an Artist. Charles Wharton Stork
Rich Man, Poor Man -- Francis Hill
The Cry of Man-Heart. J B E
In Remembrance. Florence Earle Coates.
Troubadour Song. Frederick H Martens
Discontent. Frederick H Martens
Immutabilis. Mahlon Leonard Fisher.
Half the World Between Us. Mary Coles Carrington
The Jew in America. Felix N Gerson
"Magnas Nugas". Louise Ayres Garnett.
The Maid of the Ghetto. Herman Sheffauer.
The Coming of the King. Susie M Best.
The Conqueror. Eleanor Duncan Wood

The Bellman--
Poem Author
Lie Awake Songs. Amelia Josephine Burr
Where Dives Lived. Mahlon Leonard Fisher
As in the Beginning. M E Buhler
In Memoriam. Herbert J Hall
Breaking the Road. Lewis Worthington Smith
The Fairy Tree. Ethel Barstow Howard
Folly. Joyce Kilmer
Richard Wagner. Agnes Lee
Fra Angelico. Richard Burton
In Cool Green Haunts. Mahlon Leonard Fisher
Pompeii at Dusk. Arthur Stringer.
The Migrant. Theresa V Beard.
In the Cordfield. Joseph Warren Beach.
St Alexis. Joyce Kilmer
The Return. Mahlon Leonard Fisher
Medæval. Florence Earle Coates
Children of the Night. Amelia Josephine Burr
The Guardian Deeps. Ruth Shepard Phelps
The Blind Gypsy. Kenneth Rand
The Shadow. Madison Cawein
Speckled Trout, The Madison Cawein
Petruchio's Wife. Amelia Josephine Burr
November Mahlon Leonard Fisher
Christmas Downtown. Richard Burton
After an Ice-Storm. Amelia Josephine Burr

Smart Set--
Poem Author
The Voice of Nemesis. John G Neihardt
The Adventurer. Gordon Johnstone
Heartbroken. Harry Kemp
A Song. Lizette Woodworth Reese
The Outcast. Arthus Stringer
The Rack. George Sterling
A Ballade of Too Much Beauty. Richard Le Gallienne
Lyrics of Spring. Bliss Carman
In the Cool of the Evening. Witter Bynner
Morning Glories John G Neihardt.
Two Songs. John Hall Wheelock
Syrinx. Bliss Carman
The Laboratory. Lugwig Lewisohn.
Ballade of Youth to Swinburne. Orrick Johns
Later Willard Huntington Wright
Songs of Summer. Bliss Carman
Au Marigny. Royal Craig
Memory. Naomi Lnage
Woman the Mystical. John Hall Wheelock.
To a Young Poet Who Killed Himself. Joyce Kilmer
Ghosts Marguerite Mooers Marshall.
The Sin Eater Ruth Comfort Mitchell.
Enough. Sara Teasdale
Song. John Hall Wheelock
The Harvest Hand. Harry Kemp
A Greek Lover of Queen Maeve. Eleanor Rogers Cox
Humming Birds. Arthur Stringer
Human Richard Burton
The Great Carousal. Louis Untermeyer.
A Woman of the Streets. Charles Hanson Towne
A Ballad to a Friend. Richard Le Gallienne.
Challenge. Louis Untermeyer.
A Mountain Gateway Bliss Carman.
Violets. D H Lawrence
Rain in the Night. John Vance Cheney
Lest I Learn Witter Byner
After Parting. Sara Teasdale
Kisses in the Train. D H Lawrence
The Dotage of Duns Scotus. Donn Byrne
Desiderium Richard Le Gallienne
The Rainbow Chaser. Kenneth Rand
The Mowers. D H Lawrence
In the Market Place. George Sterling
Winter. Sara Teasdale
The Shadow. Witter Bynner
Then and Now. Richard Burton
Song Against Women. Willard Huntington Wright
Fifty Years Spent. Maxwell Struthers Burt.
Of Moira Up the Glen Edward J O'Brien

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