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Prefatory Note to the First Edition

    This volume is issued in the belief that English poetry is now once again putting on a new strength and beauty.

    Few readers have the leisure or the zeal to investigate each volume as it appears; and the process of recognition is often slow. This collection, drawn entirely from the publications of the last two years, may if it is fortunate help the lovers of poetry to realize that we are at the beginning of another "Georgian period" which may take rank in due time with the several great poetic ages of the past.

    It has no pretension to cover the field. Every reader will notice the absence of poets whose work would be a necessary ornament of any anthology not limited by a definite aim. Two years ago some of the writers represented had published nothing; and only a very few of the others were known except to the eagerest "watchers of the skies." Those few are here because within the chosen period their work seemed to have gained some accession of power.

    My grateful thanks are due to the writers who have lent me their poems, and to the publishers (Messrs Elkin Mathews, Sidgwick and Jackson, Methuen, Finfield, Constable Nutt, Dent, Duckworth, Longmans, and Maunsel, and the Editors of Basileon, Rhythm, and the English Review) under whose imprint they have appeared.

    Oct. 1912.

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