I Spy Clues # 12

Some things to look for in this picture:

  1. A lock
  2. A key
  3. A bright yellow Chrysanthemum flower
  4. Three sea shells
  5. Five bright red leaves from a Burning Bush plant.
  6. Two popsicle sticks
  7. Two little orange Tomatos
  8. An orange crayon
  9. A clear green die with one dot on top. How many dots are on the bottom?
  10. Some red berries from Holly and Honeysuckle bushes
  11. A bracelet with beads on a string
  12. Some purple and yellow snapdragon flowers
  13. A long, skinny, syicky seedpod from a Milkweed plant
  14. A little picture with two kids in it
  15. A pumpkin
  16. A Dahlia fower with bright red and white petals
  17. Alightbulb
  18. Some green leaves
  19. A black spider
  20. Tiny pink flowers from a Butterfly Bush
  21. Four yellow leaves


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