I Spy Clues # 13

Some things to look for in this picture:

  1. a white button with four holes
  2. part of a yellow crayon
  3. an orange square with a hole in it
  4. three people running
  5. someone climbing a mountain
  6. how many stamps are there?
  7. a round, white button with no holes in it
  8. six brown berries
  9. an orange circle with a hole in it
  10. how many different kinds of tickets do you see?
  11. a grey button with two holes
  12. some orange flowers
  13. fifteen red berries
  14. a tan button with four holes in it
  15. someone playing soccer
  16. How many kings of money do you see?
  17. two pull chains with wooden knobs
  18. a purple necklace
  19. some green buttons with numbers from a telephone
  20. an orange triangle with a hole in it
  21. how many number '5's do you see?
  22. a slinkey
  23. a lock
  24. an orange pentagon with a hole in it
  25. a dinosaur
  26. someone skiing
  27. four dark brown acorns
  28. A turquoise and silver tie-tack


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