I Spy Clues # 14

Some things to look for in this picture:

  1. two beavers
  2. a tiger
  3. a pink mouse in a bottle
  4. a Canadian flag
  5. how many American flags can you count?
  6. penguins? (there are two of these)
  7. a lock
  8. a green train
  9. a chocolate candy kiss covered in blue foil
  10. a pair of green parakeets? (there are two of these)
  11. a indian headdress, with lots of feathers?
  12. a giraffe
  13. a snow-covered mountain
  14. an old-fashioned fire engine? (there are two of these)
  15. a queen
  16. a witch
  17. a big truck
  18. a bell
  19. santa claus? (there are two of these)
  20. a blue bird
  21. a key chain
  22. a puzzle piece
  23. eleven dice
  24. a silver owl with a light blue belly
  25. a red flag
  26. an otter
  27. someone working on a computer
  28. a reindeer


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