I Spy Clues # 15

Some things to look for in this picture:

  1. a castle
  2. a leopard with her cubs
  3. a rocket? (there are two of these)
  4. a blue bird with a red belly
  5. an airplane? (there are two of these)
  6. a woman reading a letter
  7. a horn
  8. a man playing hockey
  9. green leaves on a red background
  10. a sailing ship? (there are two of these)
  11. a black butterfly
  12. a crab? (there are four of these)
  13. a fish with orange and white stripes
  14. a tent
  15. three women singing
  16. a woman ice skating
  17. how many birds can you find?
  18. how many butterflies do you see?
  19. which stamp do you like the best?


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