I Spy Clues # 21

These are the EASY clues. Can you find.....

  1. Two men reading a newspaper together
  2. An astronaut taking a spacewalk
  3. A pair of black sneakers with white toes
  4. A piggy bank
  5. A woman using a telephone
  6. A pumpkin carved for Halloween
  7. An artist's palette
  8. A bunch of yellow tulips
  9. Two wrestlers
  10. A yellow rubber duckie
  11. A wolf
  12. A little girl sitting in a chair wearing a big hat
  13. Some gears
  14. A man in a black coat and a black bowler hat
  15. A chinese dragon
  16. A cat looking over its shoulder
  17. Some popcorn waiting to be popped
  18. A sprinter about to start a race
  19. Some red, green, and yellow peppers
  20. The US presidents' faces on Mt. Rushmore
  21. A baseball catcher about to throw the ball
  22. A woman swimming
  23. A man climbing a telephone pole
  24. An 8-ball
  25. Two different hands speaking sign-language
  26. Someone erasing a mistake
  27. Two boys sitting on a front step
  28. Breakfast
  29. A saw
  30. A ski jumper
  31. An american flag
  32. A cactus
  33. A woman's smiling face
  34. A light bulb
  35. A dark orange flower
  36. A sailboat over deep blue waters
  37. Flags of many countries
  38. A girl and her grandfather
  39. A man and a woman sitting in a field, smiling
  40. A man and a woman drinking coffee at a restaurant near the water
  41. Boxes of fruit
  42. Stars
  43. The roof of a house
  44. A light purple flower
  45. A woman in a ceremonial costume
  46. A family picture
  47. A bench in a garden
  48. A basket with flowers

    These clues are a little harder. You may argue about some of them.....

  49. How many animals can you find?
  50. How many people's faces can you see?
  51. How many pictures have plants in them?
  52. What pictures are about sports?
  53. In how many pictures ae people wearing hats?
  54. Which pictures have yellow in them? blue? red? green?
  55. How many pictures have water in them?
  56. Can you find three pictures that have things that make light?
  57. How many circle, square, and triangle shapes can you find in the pictures?

    These might be the hardest clues:

  58. What picture shows the coldest place?
  59. What picture shows the smallest thing? the biggest?
  60. How many pictures are there?
  61. What picture would you like to be in? Why?


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