I Spy Clues # 22

Can you find.....

  1. A shiny trumpet
  2. A smile
  3. A yellow rubber duck
  4. A robot
  5. An old fashioned lighter
  6. A baseball
  7. A bride and groom
  8. Some peanuts
  9. A piggy bank
  10. A suitcase covered with travel stickers
  11. Some plastic teeth
  12. A block with an airplane on it
  13. A clock
  14. A lobster
  15. Some grapes
  16. A yellow taxi
  17. A Chinese doll
  18. An old radio vacuum tube
  19. A baby doll
  20. A pretzell
  21. Some plastic teeth
  22. A red fire extinguisher
  23. Some radishes
  24. A green apple
  25. Some broccoli
  26. A purple flower with a smiling face
  27. A red hat (a baseball batter's helmet)
  28. A nut and a bolt
  29. A mouse
  30. A dogbone
  31. Some tomatos
  32. A yellow pepper
  33. A piniata
  34. A crooked wrench
  35. A globe of the world
  36. An American Flag
  37. A hand
  38. A red apple
  39. Someone yawning

  40. What time is it?
  41. What things make sounds?
  42. What things can you eat?
  43. How many animals are there (its OK to count the piņata)

    Make up a story and see how many of the things in this picture you can use in it.


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