I Spy Clues # 23

These are the EASY clues. Can you find.....

  1. A hungry pig
  2. A metal watering can
  3. A crown
  4. Two women running
  5. A sheep
  6. A bunch of wires
  7. A fortune cookie
  8. A purple flower
  9. A ladybug
  10. Some clapping hands
  11. A bunch of red roses
  12. A cup full of paint brushes
  13. An owl
  14. An old fashioned movie camera
  15. A hand holding a book
  16. A jar full of screws
  17. A baseball in a baseball glove
  18. A wooden duck (a decoy)
  19. A plate full of flowers
  20. Some pliers
  21. A lemon
  22. An african violet in a flowerpot
  23. A man practicing karate
  24. A pigeon
  25. A bunch of yellow tulips
  26. A mallet (a big hammer)
  27. Some pool balls (How many are there?)
  28. A road construction marker
  29. An orange lily
  30. A heavy anvil
  31. A saw
  32. A swimmer getting ready to race
  33. Scissors
  34. An hourglass
  35. A woman practicing rythmic gymnastics with a rope

    These clues are a little harder. You may argue about some of them.....

  36. How many animals can you find?
  37. Can you find two things to eat? (Be nice to babe - don't count the pig or the sheep)
  38. How many tools are there?
  39. Show me all of the people?
  40. How many pictures have flowers in them?
  41. What pictures are about sports?
  42. What things go together?


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