I Spy Clues # 24

Can you find.....

  1. A polar bear
  2. A lighthouse
  3. A Sunset on the ocean
  4. A chimpanzee
  5. A cactus flower
  6. Some zebras
  7. A mountain
  8. A bird sitting in some brown leaves
  9. A neat garden with a pond and a bridge
  10. Some yellow and white striped clownfish
  11. Some sand dunes
  12. A seal saluting
  13. Some blue and shite flowers, called Blue-eyed Mary's
  14. Some tigers
  15. Some bears
  16. Lilypads and flowers on a pond
  17. A den of baby wolf cubs
  18. A chambered nautilus shell
  19. Giraffes

  20. How many animals can you find? Do some pictures have more than one?
  21. Which pictures show some shades of green? blue? orange?
  22. What is your favorite animal in these pictures? why?


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