I Spy Clues # 44

Some things to look for in this picture:

  1. A big, brown rubber band
  2. A black and orange butterfly made with tissue paper
  3. A plastic bone
  4. An angel holding a wreath
  5. A penguin on ice skates
  6. A stripped yellow birthday candle
  7. How many small black seeds can you find? (they're from a Yucca plant)
  8. Two sea shells
  9. Two dice (what do they add up to?)
  10. A bubble pipe
  11. Chopsticks
  12. A railroad crossing sign
  13. A smiley face
  14. A kaleidoscope
  15. A purple foam flower
  16. Two popsicle sticks
  17. A piece or coral
  18. A green diplodocus (dinosaur)
  19. Two blue rubber bands
  20. A man riding an old-fashioned bicycle
  21. Two very bright red leaves (from a Burning Bush)
  22. A white stone
  23. A lock
  24. Two silver bells
  25. Two pieces of candy
  26. A pterodactyl ( a flying dinosaur)
  27. A smiling face
  28. A round brush


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