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All Broward Country schools have a limited inventory of school-owned musical instruments, which are available for student rental. The intended use for these instruments is to allow beginning students a chance to explore instrumental music at a minimal cost and to provide the opportunity of instrument rental for students, who would otherwise be unable to afford to continue in the band program. This information will allow parents to rent instruments for students so that every student will have the opportunity to participate in the music program. The following information is intended to assist parents towards making informed decisions about available rental and purchase programs in the area.

One of the most important determining factors or your child's success or failure on a musical instrument will be the quality of the instrument obtained. There is nothing more frustrating, to any of us, than to spend hours trying to accomplish a task without the use of quality equipment. Please note that just because an instrument is shiny, does not mean that it is of good quality. Similarly, there is nothing more reinforcing than playing an instrument that consistently performs as intended. Though there are many brands of instruments, there are some that hold up much better over time than others.

When renting an instrument from an outside vendor, try not to let the initial cost be the determining factor. Though cost is important, some vendors include supplies, maintenance plans, or upgraded mouthpieces as a part of the package. Find out what else is being offered before you make your decision. Please note that some instruments will not be found for rent at outside vendors, usually due to price and rarity. If your child chooses to play one of these instruments, he/she may obtain it through the school. A list of these instruments may be found in the School Instrument Rental section of this document.

Renting an instrument can be a confusing experience. Here are some helpful hints to get you on your way:

  1. Seek out the most professional store available.
  3. Is the instrument a top-of-the-line "student model" or will the child quickly outgrow it as he/she becomes musically proficient?
  4. Is a quality mouthpiece included?
  5. Is the case included?
  6. What percentage of the rental cost applies towards the purchase of the instrument if you decide to buy? Some are 100%. For how long? Can it be applied to an upgraded or different instrument without penalty?
  7. Are the necessary accessories, essential to playing the instrument included (Ex: oils, grease, slide cream, etc.)?
  8. Is there a maintenance plan? If so, how much extra does it cost?
  9. What is the "turn around" time on instrument repair?
  10. Remember: Just because an instrument is shiny and pretty-looking does not make it a quality instrument.

School Approved Name Brands:

School approved name brands are the brands of instruments that schools choose when purchasing instruments for their inventory. Though this document does not intend to specify brands to parents, it does show a listing of brands that have performed satisfactorily over the years. This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list, but may be used by parents as examples:

 Woodwind Instruments:  Brass Instruments:
  • Armstrong
  • Artley
  • Buffett
  • Fox
  • Gemeinhardt
  • LeBlanc
  • Selmer
  • Vito
  • Yamaha
  • Bach
  • Benge
  • Besson
  • Canadian Brass
  • Conn
  • DEG (Getzen)
  • Holton
  • King
  • Yamaha

Instrument Supplies:

Students are expected to have the proper supplies necessary to perform and participate in class on a daily basis.

Method Books:

All beginning band students are asked to secure the following book for participation in class. In addition they will need a 1-inch, three-ring binder with pockets, 20 clear protective sleeves to hold sheet music, a small notebook, and mechanical pencils. Beginning Band will need the "Essential Elements 2000 Book 1" for their instrument.

Woodwind Instruments:

Flutes: Cleaning Swabs

Clarinet/Saxophone: Six Reeds (beginning band use Rico #2 strength), cork grease, mouthpiece brush, cleaning swab, and a neck strap for the saxophone.

Oboe/Bassoon: Three reeds (beginning band us "medium soft" strength, cork grease, and cleaning swab.

Brass Instruments:

Trumpet/Baritone/Tuba: soft polishing cloth, valve oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush, and cleaning snake

French Horn: soft polishing cloth, rotor oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush, and cleaning snake

Trombone: soft polishing cloth, slide cream, mouthpiece brush and cleaning snake


Drumsticks: Size 5a Concert Sticks or Marching Sticks

Mallets: Medium rubber & Blue yarn

Practice Pad: CB 700

Additional Accessories:

These accessories are not required, but are highly recommended:

Folding Music Stand: For use at home; used to hold up the book or music at eye level while sitting and playing

Metronome: electronic device used to keep the beat or rhythym of the music while practicing

School Instrument Rentals:

Coral Springs middle School has a limited inventory of Broward County School instruments available for rent. With the large number of students enrolled in the band program, we do not have enough instruments to outfit each student. Please remember that the intended use of school instruments is to allow:

  • Beginning students a chance to explore instrumental music at a minimal cost

  • The opportunity of instrument rental for students who would otherwise not be able to afford to continue in Band

If it is not possible for you to rent an instrument from an outside source, please write a note to the Band Director explaining the circumstances and he will make arrangements to reserve an instrument for your child. The Broward County School Board requires that each such case is documented, and a copy of the request will be filed with the principal and the bookkeeper. We do ask that you use understand that the number of instruments is limited.

The School Board of Broward County charges a twenty-dollar ($20) fee for any students who are to use the school's instruments. Some students, regardless of grade or playing ability, will have to use school instruments because their instruments are either not available for rent, or are extremely expensive. In these situations, the students may rent the instruments from the school. These instruments are:

  • Oboe
  • Bassoon
  • Alto Clarinet
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Baritone Saxophone
  • French Horn
  • Baritone
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba