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Any Poems on Magic?

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

When Bob Blair used to author the precursor to this column, he found many good patterns upon which to base his selection of material. The richness of poetry itself is partly its wealth of patterns - in rhythm, rhyme, structure  and allusion. Among his favorites were looking at events or life milestones of well known poets, or telling us how some recent event initiated a train of thought that led him to think of the poem he had chosen.

 Lets try the second tack, with a twist. My train of thought leads to what I can't remember. 

 My wife and I recently went to see The Illusionist, an excellent movie about an Austrian magician  "Eisenheim the Illusionist" starring Ed Norton as the title character. My reason for wanting to see it was an interview and a review on NPR, that noted how much effort was made to use optical, rather than computer generated effects wherever possible to show the magic performances in the movie. (I am a little tired of movies that contain more fancy cartoon footage than acting). The result was a movie that is beautiful to watch, engaging, and memorable.

This led to my poking around in my memory, our online collection, and in my bookshelves for an appropriate piece to echo the mood or mystical nature of the movie. No luck. Not a big surprise though. Good poems on the professions are generally hard to find. If you dissagree with me, name me five (not including Longfellow's Blacksmith). So if anyone out there has seen the film, and has a suggestion - please send me a comment to post. Certainly the gulf between poetical and magical shouldn't be so large?


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