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To the Lighthouse

Wed, October 4th 2006

Welcone to the new Blog for TheOtherPages. Our original Blog, which pre-dated blogging by half a  decade, was Bob Blair's Daily Poetry Break.  Bob was such an engaging writer, and provided such a wealth of content and insight, that no one (least of all myself) has attempted to take up the torch since he retired from the post on January 23rd, 2004.

 Nor am I trying to take it up now. I lack Bob's humor, judgement and practiced style. Instead, this is intended as a composite of several media types from TheOtherPages, with perhaps an occaisional editorial thrown in.


A recent photo of the lamp at the Cape Florida Lighthouse, at Bill Baggs State Park, on Key Biscayne, Florida, with various aquamarine shades of the Atlantic Ocean in the background.

Cape Florida Light1024 x 768 image (80k):  http://theotherpages.org/blog/billbaggslight.jpg

 600 x 450 image (200k):


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