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March 26, 2007

Everything Old Is New Again (Again)

I have just finished going through some of the oldest photos (or what years of space saving has left of them) and updating the Photographs collection.

 This now puts all three photo collections in a simpler, much cleaner, and uniform format that highlights the images, not the style of the page.

 Have a look.



March 15, 2007

Everything Old is New Again

After a long period of inattention, I have updated the original 100 Beautiful Images collection with a simpler, cleaner format and new graphics. I have also eliminated the background image. A dozen years ago it was colorful and eye-catching. Now it is distracting (must be the bifocals).


This is one of the three original collections that launched with The Other Pages back in 1994 on a corporate server, before going private in 1995. This was back in the day when the only easy way to get a digital image was to use an optical scanner on a photographic print.


In addition, I have increased the contrast and sharpened some of the images for improved display on LCD monitors.

The collection includes a wide variety of images “from around the back yard to around the world.” Thanks as always to the contributors, Amy Shipman, Jim Rioux, Theresa Bzdek, and Louis Spanoudis.



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