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Poetry for Waiting in Line

OK, so it's been a long hot summer. Blame it on global warming, the Butterfly Effect, an abundance of political hot air from the multitude of presidential candidates, or as my father often said, "the drift of the earth through the ether".

Maybe you're waiting in line at the airport trying to get home, or having some other "are we there yet" moment. Maybe you just cant wait for school to start again. In any case, you may have some snippets of time on your hands. Unfortunately, being as summer is viewed more as a reading than a writing season, I've not been getting much writing done.

However, I have been puzzling. Here are links for three Word Search puzzles, created with a little help from a nicely done program available at discovery.com. All are on the subject of Poetry. The first one is a collection of poetic terms, categories and descriptions. Numbers two and three are collections of Poets and either Titles or First Lines. All are fairly hard, and should keep you busy for a while. Yes, I solved them myself and they are all complete. Words, names, and phrases can start in any location and head in any compass direction. Some letters may be part of two or even three words. Some are just taking up space.

All files are Acrobat .PDF documents, easily downloaded and printed. have fun.   --Steve




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