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Where do we go from here?

OK, I'm looking for some input.

 As I wade through the Quotations collection and update each of the collections, its obvious that I will be eliminating or consolidating some of the older collections. I like the idea of maintaining 30 collections to keep a wide variety of subjects and formats, so I'm contemplating some new collections.

 Here are some of the subject areas under consideration:

(a) Of Biblical Proportions - a collection of quotes from biblical and other religious sources.

(b) Found in Translation - a collection of quotes in other languages with translations in english

(c) Historical Quotations - quotations by or about historical events and personages

(d) Quotations from Popular Song

(e) Theatrically Speaking - other than Shakespeare (who already has his own collection)

(f) Lingua Latina - quotes in Latin

 So, if you have an opinion, please give me some feedback, and let me know your first and second choices.



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