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Quotes for the week of June 23rd

The problem is time. There just isn’t enough time. Men won’t spend a whole day away from their family anymore.
--Walter Hurney, Real Estate Developer, Hauppauge, NY, on the recent decline in popularity of Golf as an activity, in the NYT online edition, 21Feb2008

This isn’t news. It does nothing to change the human rights situation, which continues to be unfavorable, or to end the one-party state. There’s no reason to celebrate.
--Elizardo Sánchez, Cuban Dissident, on the announcement that Fidel Castro would not seek a return to the presidency, 20Feb2008

Independence is a catharsis. Things won’t change overnight and we cannot forget the past, but maybe I will feel safe now and my nightmares will finally go away.
--Antoneta Kastrati, 26, resident of Peja whose family was killed by ethnic Serbs, on Kosovo’s declaration of Independence, 18Feb2008.

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