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Subjective Reality

Durer's engraving of MelancholiaOne of the many projects this summer has been re-writing of parts of the Subject Index, with the goal of eventually revising and expanding all 54 subjects.

Jon Lachelt originally created the index, along the the Title, First Line, and Combined indicies.

I've been adding an introduction and a little more annotation for most of the poems. This can be a suprisingly time consuming process. If I complete one index in a day, I feel I've accomplished something.

By the way, you may notice I have not been udating this blog very often.

I have moved most of the update notices so that I don't have to deal with Movable Type or Wordpress. Look for all future updates on the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Other-Pages/17383669929?ref=ts

By the way, the subjects that have been updated so far are:

Animals: http://theotherpages.org/poems/SubjIdx/animals.html
Carpe Diem: http://theotherpages.org/poems/SubjIdx/carpe.html
Dance: http://theotherpages.org/poems/SubjIdx/dance.html
Garden: http://theotherpages.org/poems/SubjIdx/garden.html
Images: http://theotherpages.org/poems/SubjIdx/images.html
Life: http://theotherpages.org/poems/SubjIdx/life.html
Machines: http://theotherpages.org/poems/SubjIdx/machines.html
Memory: http://theotherpages.org/poems/SubjIdx/memory.html
Music: http://theotherpages.org/poems/SubjIdx/music.html
People: http://theotherpages.org/poems/SubjIdx/people.html
Places: http://theotherpages.org/poems/SubjIdx/places.html

All for now. Check out the Facebook opage.


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