Teach your Children What it Means to have FUN
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What it Means to have FUN

- A collaborative resource guide to activities for children and parents -
This is not one of the umpteen sites filled with kid's games. This site is dedicated to activities that children and parents can do together. There is an emphasis on things that have moderate to no cost, and don't require special skills from the parent (e.g. you won't find any suggestions to 'go buy your daughter a $20,000 bass boat' or 'teach your son to ride a unicycle'). For more detailed information on the purpose of this site, ways to contribute, or things you should keep in mind, click on the highlighted text at the top of this page.

The Idea List

  1. Airports (places to go)
  2. Art Museums (places to go)
  3. Astronomy (hobbies)
  4. Badmitton (games to play outdoors)
  5. Baking (regular things to do)
  6. Balsa Wood Airplanes (little things to do)
  7. Bicycling (regular things to do)
  8. Birding (hobbies)
  9. Bowling (places to go)
  10. Bugs (hobbies)
  11. Building - with blocks, Legos, etc. (things to make)
  12. Candlemaking (hobbies)
  13. Cardboard Boxes (little things to do)
  14. Cars - build your own (things to make)
  15. Checkers (games to play indoors)
  16. Chess (games to play indoors)
  17. Cities - build your own (things to make)
  18. Cards (games to play indoors)
  19. Collecting (hobbies)
  20. Crystal Growing (hobbies)
  21. Dot to Dot Duels (pencil games)
  22. Drawing (creative things)
  23. Exercise (regular things to do)
  24. Feeding the Birds (little things to do)
  25. Fishing (hobbies)
  26. Fossil Collecting (hobbies)
  27. Frisbee (games to play outdoors)
  28. Gardening (regular things to do)
  29. Hiking (places to go)
  30. Ice Skating (places to go)
  31. I Spy (little things to do)
  32. Karate (regular things to do)
  33. Kite Flying (hobbies)
  34. Knots (little things to do)
  35. Library (regular things to do)
  36. Masks (things to make)
  37. Mobiles (things to make)
  38. Model Cars (hobbies)
  39. Model Planes (hobbies)
  40. Model Ships (hobbies
  41. Musical Instruments (things to make)
  42. Oregami (things to make)
  43. Orienteering (places to go)
  44. Painting (creative things)
  45. Paper Airplanes (things to make)
  46. Ping Pong (games to play)
  47. Poetry (creative things)
  48. Polygrams (pencil games)
  49. Puppets (things to make)
  50. Puzzles (things to make)
  51. Raingutter Boats (little things to do)
  52. Reading (regular things to do)
  53. Rock Collecting (hobbies)
  54. Rock Tumbling, Grinding, Polishing (hobbies)
  55. Rocketry (hobbies)
  56. Scouting (regular things to do)
  57. Sidewalk Chalk (little things to do)
  58. Singing (regular things to do)
  59. Soap Bubbles (little things to do)
  60. Soccer (games to play outdoors)
  61. Train Watching (little things to do)
  62. Walking (regular things to do)
  63. Washing the Car (little things to do)
  64. Whittling (little things to do)
  65. Wildflowers (little things to do)
  66. Writing Stories (creative things)
  67. Zoo (places to go)