Hotel Aphrodite

The Hotel Aphrodite

When I found out I was going to Athens on business, I promptly asked my spouse for 'permission' to add a few days to the front end of my trip, and used the Web to find hotels in Greece. There are many hotels in Athens, and according to the European system, they are 'lettered' (class A, Class 'B', etc.). The Aphrodite was a fair ways down the alphabet*, chosen for two primary reasons:

It was (1) in sight of, and easy walking distance to, the Acropolis and most other interresting features of the city, and it was (2) the only hotel I could find that would give me an instant confirmation on my reservation.

With a name like 'Aphrodite', and its lowly place in the ratings, I was asked "just what kind of hotel is it? It isn't one of those 'by-the-hour places, is it???" by some of my co-workers. (And here I was, two weeks later, checking in with no luggage).

All in all it was a pretty decent place. It turned out to be typical of a dozen or so hotels in the district catering to international tourists who valued economy over luxury.

*I'm exagerating. There's A,B,C, E(conomy) and unrated.


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