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Beautiful Images II
(the digital collection)

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About the Collection

The "100 Beautiful Images" collection was assembled and first published on the web in the 1994-1995 timeframe based on photos taken in the 1980's and early 90's with film cameras. Prints were scanned at high quality on a high resolution optical scanner and converted to .jpeg digital format for on-lne display. Unfortunately, due to storage and bandwidth constraints in the early days of the Web, the large images were later reduced greatly in size and resulution to save space.

Many of these images are, however, still striking. The entire collection has been re-processed to improve sharpness and was re-published in March 2007 with a simpler, cleaner, updated format. This was done to coincide with the launch of a second collection, based entirely on digital photography, Beautiful Images II.

Continued thanks to the original contributors who joined me in providing thier images. The photographers are:

  • Teresa Bzdek for her beautiful images of the Grand Canyon and surroundings.

  • Amy Shipman for pictures from her student travels through Europe, along with her truly beautiful image of Lake Lucille in the Ritter Range that is the marguee image for this collection

  • Jim Rioux for pictures from Cape Cod, Washington D.C., and from his travels in India

  • Louis Spanoudis for a wide variety of pictures from the Midwest, West Coast, and London

  • and Steve Spanoudis (that would be me) for everything else

The original photo that provided the marquee for this collection was a picture of the statue of Prometheus at Rockefeller Center in New York. (I like statues - they always manage to hold their pose while you are taking a picture).

In the winter, Prometheus is surrounded by the famous ice rink, in the summer, by a restaurant. Multicolored lights glint off of his gold skin at dusk. On the opposite side of the building, getting much less attention, is a statue of Atlas, another Titan, holding the heavens suspended on his shoulders.

Images of flowers, not labeled otherwise, are from the terraced Garden that existed, once upon a time, in Steve's back yard, many years ago and a thousand miles away. . .

S.L. Spanoudis, March 14th, 2007

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