Photographer's Notes for this page:
Paintbrush Grass
From the first water impoundment at Arthur R. Marshall wildlife Refuge - when I saw this unusual series of grass stalks infront of reflections of a row of trees across the water, I ahd to stop until I could get the picture. I like the combinations of vertical and horizontal, along with the few curved wisps of grass. --Steve

Painting Detail
John Ringling may have been a showman, but he was also, in a sense, a robber-baron, buying up artworks across economically distressed Europe to furnish the house he was building for himself and Mabel in Sarasota. The art collection in the museum far exceeds what any house could have held, and is as fascinating as it is varied in subject matter. Sorry, did not record the painter or subject (likely Biblical). I just liked the face and the detail, and the fact that the cracked oil gave the camera something definite to focus on... --Steve

Hand of a Whale
These bones - part of several full whale skeletons suspended from the ceiling of the British Museum of Natural History - look too startlingly like a hand to call them anything else., enormous though they are. Below, out of frame, was a lifesize model of an adult blue whale. --Steve

I am not sure why the strings are not as clear in the background as they are in the foreground. The apeture was small. Perhaps they were vibrating in the long exposure while Nick was playing Moonlight Sonata. --Steve

Blue Flowers
From the Alpine House at Kew Gardens. Don't remember what these are but the photo came out nicely, with high detail and depth of field. The petals are so thin that they are translucent in the afternoon sunchine. --Steve

Snowy Egret
The striking white feathers of this bird provide a sharp contrast against any defocused background, and the curving neck combined with the pointed beak give a variety of poses, though the small eyes give little in the way of facial expression. This picture is from the Sea Lion exhibit at Sea World, where this and other egrets lie in wait for errant fish tossed by park visitors. --Steve

This is a hand-held shot of a dragonfly perched on the end of a long strand of marsh grass, showing crisp wing details and even the hairs on its legs. Taken while Alex was feeding the ducks at a local park. --Steve

Westminster Abbey
Taken in black and white to bring out the details in the rose window and small niche statues, as well as the differing shades of stone. Another image that makes me wish for a wider angle lens. --Steve

Cape Florida Light
A long hot climb up the spiral stairs of the Cape Florida Lighthouse is rewarded with panoramic views of the Atlantic, Biscayne Bay, Miami, and the remaining houses of Stiltsville. A few more steps gets you to the very top, where the turquoise and emerald hues in the water get diffused behind salt-crusted glass. The Fresnel lens of the lamp adds distored reflections of the triangular windows. --Steve

We get A LOT of rain in the summers in South Florida. Here are a few raindrops captured from a typical rainy day, on the stalk of a dracaena. --Steve