Photographer's Notes for this page:
A calm looking snake - held by an equally calm zookeper - considering the other 15 feet of the animal was draped over his neck and shoulders. note the eyes and their mirror reflection. --Steve

Blooming Thistles
There are no sharks in Shark Valley. There isn't even a valley. It's a park road into the Everglades off of Tamiami Trail that you can hike, bike, or take a park service tram through. In the dry season, which is December through May in Florida, this area becomes a condensed habitat for seemingly half of the alligators in the state. By May, the surrounding areas are parched and cracked. Only the hardiest of plants manage to bloom, so this lavender thistle stands out from a great distance.--Steve

Sunrise, Fog and Slash Pines
.. and a branch of live oak in the foreground. From the Peace River Campground outside of Arcadia, Florida. A good place for paddling - and fossil collecting. --Steve

This sculpture of a sculptor is in the British museum. Non shown, her hand holds a carving of Zeus on his throne. I'm sorry i don't have the name, but the clarity and intensity of the eyes was striking - and I borrowed it for the marquee. --Steve

Sunrise and Spanish Moss
From Lake Geneva - a deep orange sunrise with pine needles on the left and Spanish moss draping from a live oak tree on the right.--Steve

Red Parrot
National Geographic, in its early use of color photographs, was chided by professional photographers elsewhere as being the 'School of Red Shirt Photography.' And yes, they were guilty of having a lot of red flannel shirts in the picture to give some contrast to the browns, greens, and blues. Consider this red-headed parrot my contribution. Good detail, in bright morning sunlight. --Steve

Gilt Drinking Horn
A black and white shot from the Mindenhall collection at the British Museum. I was fascinated by the pattern of interlocking arms - that predates M.C. Escher by many centuries. --Steve

Fishing Fleet
Oh to be a sponge fisherman! Part of the fishing fleet in Tarpon Springs, a predominantly Greek town north of St. Petersburg - mainly a tourist stop now, originally (in the days before plastics and cellulose) the center of Sponge Fishing for the Gulf of Mexico. --Steve

View from the House of Blues
Just a straight shot from a hotel window at the House of Blues in Chicago - between the towers of Marina City and across the Chicago River. the view is to the South-East.--Steve

The Wicked Queen from Snow White
Disney has an outdoor shopping and entertainment mall in Lake Buena Vista outside Orlando called "Downtown Disney" which is an interresting place to go and walk in the evenings, and possibly catch a dinner. There is, of course, a Disney candy store with a Snow-white theme, presided over by the Wicked Queen. I don't know if it is solely a nuance of the sculptor, or a trick of the light, but the facial expression splits straight down the center. --Steve