Photographer's Notes for this page:
Statue of Peter Pan, Kensington Gardens
Peter plays the Pan pipes on top of a mound covered with all of the characters from J.M. Barrie's Book. The statue is along the path that follows the west side of the lake and draws a steady stream of parents, children and tourists, particularly on the week-ends when the park is filled with groups of friends and families picnicing. I took several pictures but like this black & white pose best because it brought out the contrast between the smooth darkness of the statue and the complex detail of the trees in the background. --Steve

Plaster Cast of Michaelangelo's David
About a mile and a half south, and a little west of Peter Pan's statue, on the way to South Kensington tube station is the Victoria and Albert Museum, with its casting courts filled with statues and fascades and memorials and columns. Michelangelo's David is immense. The head is larger than Peter's entire statue. While I admire the detail, I can't help but wonder - wasn't this supposed to be the underdog? Maybe we have it wrong. Was Goliath the little guy? --Steve

Water Lily House, Kew Gardens
The sun shining on the gold petals in the center of the flower makes makes it seem as if they are on fire. --Steve

Water Lily House, Kew Gardens
Had I seen these giant lily pads as a child I certainly would have wanted to take one home. Some of them are nearly four feet acrosss. --Steve

Royal Palace, Kew Gardens
Yes, It really is that red.--Steve

Fishing Charter Outbound
Rounding the southern curve of Sanibel Island about an hour and a half after sunrise on a windy morning. The glare off of the water creates a silhouette without the sun even being in the frame. --Steve

Statue, Ringling Museum of Art
The dark metal in full mid-day Florida sun provides great contrast. Note the finely detailed hair compared with the simple curves of face and clothing. --Steve

Asian Statue, Victoria and Albert Museum
Another statue - compare this one to the picture from Ringling. Here too, the face has simple lines, but there is nothing else simple about this piece of art. Every inch is covered with astounding detail. --Steve

Seal Lion
She posed repeatedly to have her picture taken. Once again, fine detail courtesy of the Florida sun. --Steve

Lots of shoots but only one lonely flower at a time. The water-filled head of these plants often seem to create a miniature aquarum. --Steve