Poems by Nick
Poems by Nicholas Spanoudis of Coral Springs, Florida, age 8

If I Was a Blue Whale
If I was a blue whale
I would feel the salt water as blue as
the sky at night when the moon is full.

If I was a blue whale
I would gobble the tiny krill
as small as a period.

If I was a blue whale
I would listen to other blue whale mothers talking
to their babies as quietly as a mouse.

If I was a blue whale
I would breathe the fresh air
as clean as a new day.

If I was a blue whale
I would listen to the waves crashing against the shore
as loudly as 2 symbols crashing together.

If I was a blue whale
I would dream of swimming the land
and walking the water.

If I Had Wings
If I had wings
I would feel the big, white, puffy cumulus clouds
that are as white as a snowflake.

If I had wings
I would nibble the rain clouds as full of water
as a big, juicy apple.

If I had wings
I would listen to the birds migrating south
in the sky as blue as the Pacific Ocean.

If I had wings
I would inhale the cool clean air as fresh
as a new rose.

If I had wings
I would gaze lazily at the clouds moving as slowly
by as a snail.

If I had wings
I would dream of flying as high as the thin,
feathery cirrus clouds above me.

Popcicle, popcicle oh so cold
Popcicle, popcicle I was told
You were once a package of juice
A package of colored juice!!!

  Is eight years old
    Can ride a bicycle
      Has a mom and dad
        Only one in Mrs. Campbell's class that can't have dairy products
          Loves trains, dinosaurs and spaghetti
            A good swimmer
              Slurps slippery spaghetti

Beautiful, Shiny
Soaring, Diving, Zooming
As beautiful as polished Opals or Sapphires or Jades
Frozen Rain

I was hiking in Alaska,
And what did I see?
I saw Mount McKinley
Towering 20,320 feet above me.

(Mount. McKinley is the tallest mountain in North America)

Praying Mantis
If I was a praying mantis

I'd hide under a green leaf
or inside a bright flower
and wait for insects
to come to the plant.

I'd have quick arms
to grab my prey
before it knows
what to expect next.

Next I would devour my delicacy
in the blink of an eye.
I'd mimic a harmless bug
but when others come tooooooo close......
I'd pounce!!!

I'd snap my powerful jaws
as I crunched on a big, black beetle.
Then I'd fly off
to another hiding place
If I was a praying mantis.

Three of Us
artistic, athletic
tracing, swimming, reading
swimming underwater very quickly

artistic, creative
laughing, swimming, playing
makes Nicholas laugh hard

small, funny
laughing, crying, building
makes lines of toys

©1999, Nicholas Stephen Spanoudis, all rights reserved worldwide