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Photographs by Joanne and Steve Spanoudis

Central Park South

This view is from the sculpture garden on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Prometheus in Gold

The statue of Prometheus at Rockefeller Center. The winter-time ice rink becomes a restaurant in the summer; on the opposite side of the building is a statue of poor Atlas, holding the heavens on his shoulders as he stares at the base of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Foundation and Empire

Still grand after all these years, the Empire State Building as seen from one block north. In this view you can't see the 'mast' on top, from which , if you close your eyes on a windy night, you can feel the building sway.

Lady in Green with Torch

While it actually sits nearer the New Jersey shore, no visit to New York City is complete without a trip across the harbor to the Statue of Liberty. Go early (very early) if you want to climb all the way up to the crown of the statue. Yes, it is a much shorter (and less crowded) trip from the Jersey side.

View from the WTC

A view of the Financial District in lower Manhattan, taken from the World Trade Center on a sunny Sunday morning. The East River and Brooklyn Bridge are visible in the background. This is, of course, a view that no longer exists.

Security Council

The UN Security Council chamber. Somehow it always seems strange to me when I am in some location that I frequently see in movies or on the TV evening news. Since nearly all views of this room are narrow images of talking heads, you never realize how much is here, or in other parts of the UN, for that matter. You may come to New York for a play, or to see a convention or trade show, or visit a museum, but if you have time, see this.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of the best places to hapily waste a day I have ever encountered, with a near infinite collection of fascinating things to see and museum food that does not taste like ancient artifacts. From mummies to Monets and everything in-between.

In the New American Wing

In one of the galleries of the Met's New American Wing, which is filled with a fantastic display of paintings and sculpture. I am partial to John Singer Sargeant's ever flattering portraits, and several good ones are here, along with many US historical paintings and Tiffany glass windows that you'll find easy to recognize.

The View at Night

A view of Times Square from the Mariott Marquis. While all hotels in midtown Manhattan are obscenely expensive, this one at least has a view befitting the pricetag's expectations.

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