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Currently containing around 29,272 Entries
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(Please don't read them all in one sitting, you really should get out more).

The Collections:

  1. Recent Quotes (u)
  2. Advice (u)
  3. Great Leaders (u)
  4. Poetry - Part I (u)
  5. Proverbs (u)

  6. Sarcasm (u)
  7. (annoying)Proverbs (u)
  8. Malapropisms (u)
  9. Women (u)
  10. Random Images (u)

  11. Wisdom (u)
  12. Poetry - Part II (u)
  13. Aphorisms (u)
  14. Definitions (u)
  15. Laws (u)

  16. (serious) Sarcasm (u)
  17. Alpha by Author (i)
  18. Anonymous (u)
  19. The Bard (u)
  20. Steven Wright (u)

  21. Alpha by Topic
  22. The Republic of Dreams
  23. Bulk Quotes
  24. Childsong
  25. Stupid Quotes (u)

  26. Good Starts (u)
  27. African-American (u)
  28. from the Movies (u)
  29. Quote-A-Day
  30. As Advertised (u)
(u = updated)
(i = update in-progress)

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WELCOME to the Quotations Home Page, one of the largest and longest-lived text collections on the Web. The associated poetry site may be the largest private archive of its kind on the Web. For information on updates to the collection, check the social media portals on Tumblr or Facebook. (Scroll down within each page - they are both content-rich)

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

The intent of a quotation is to capture something - some thought, some moment in history, the essence of someone's viewpoint - clearly and concisely. They can be humorous, ironic, exasperating, or profound. This site is intended as a place to wander, a place where you can find something new each time you look around.

The collections presented here contain thousands of quotations drawn from hundreds of sources. The content is aimed at, and is appropriate for, a wide audience. Browse as many of the collections as you like, and return whenever you have the urge. To get started, select a collection from the table of contents on the left, or check out Detailed Descriptions of what each collection contains.

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

This site has been designed and written without any flashy bells or whistles, assuming that visitors will be primarily interested in the text content. If your browser can handle the most basic HTML text and tables, you can easily access and read everything here. There are no Java apps, flash videos, spyware, or blinking sponsorship banners to worry about. This site remains proudly free of advertising (well, except for collection #30). And no, I am not inclined to change it to some new, snappy name, or give it any extreme makeovers. It is what it is.

While the material on the site is reasonably accurate, those researching citations for a doctoral thesis should use due diligence and go consult an actual 'book' in an actual 'library' with plenty of ibids and idems.

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

The Quotations Home Page has received a number of awards since its creation in 1994. It has been recognized by Magellan (four stars), Yahoo Internet Life Magazine (Best on the Web) and most of the other rating services, and many, many, opinionated human beings (though very few space aliens).

(My dream was to be quoted in the Weekly World News. I guess now I'll have to settle for the online edition).

Sorry, but it is not possible to research every individual request for for information with the traffic this site receives. If you do have comments, or would like to ask a question, see the companion site on Facebook or Tumblr. If you see anything that needs attention, please send an e-mail. I will address issues as opportunities permit. Thanks.


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