Unfair Warning
There is a moment,
sometimes it is longer than a moment,
perhaps an hour, a week, a year,
When all is well,
the world is fine and at peace,
All souls are happy and
all trends are up and
confidence is high.

This moment,
before the rain begins to pelt down,
before the wind begins to blow,
before the bad news arrives,
before the doubt creeps in,
before you learn that things are not happy after all,
This moment is an unfair warning
for what is to come,
Unfair preparation for things to be,
for the coming storm.

I think it is true,
what the ancient proverb,
the ancient Japanese proverb says,
That when all is at peace,
it is time to tighten your helmet strap,
For there never is a warning,
and fairness is an imaginary thing.


© 1997 Stephen L. Spanoudis, all rights reserved worldwide