Dancing Words
When reading deep into the night
'Till hours late, and still, and quiet,
Beneath a hemisphere of light.

The eyes grow bleary and grow thin
As drooping head and dropping chin
Predict that sleep will soon begin.

The words of text upon the page
Begin to weave and dance and play
As straining margins can not hold
The silent letters now grown bold.

The reader falls into a trance
As trains of thought join in the dance,
And chug and charge and billow steam,
Vehicles forged of waking dreams.

His dreams take substance, form, and height
And stand and strain with growing might.
Impossible new landscapes now
Slide quickly under beam and bow

The trains of thought are airplanes now,
Or sailing ships whose rising prows
Are jumping, leaping, learning how
In ways not thought of until now

To search, to seek, and to savor
Answers of another flavor,
As ordinary thoughts take flight
To roam the Universe this night.

And when the ship returns to berth,
The reader settles back to earth,
And wonders how he came to be
In chapter four, page ninty-three.

As he begins to read once more,
Somehow, somewhere, perhaps it's true
He knows more than he did before,
Though what it is he has no clue.

He only knows that it is time
To let himself drift off to sleep,
To close his eyes and rest his mind
Where skies are wide and oceans, deep.


© 1997 Stephen L. Spanoudis, all rights reserved worldwide