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The World in Present Tense
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Anthony Casoroso

Carolyn Lamb

Don Emigh

Ken Mitchell

Leo VanMeer

Nancy Huffines

Robin Berard

Scott Edward Anderson

Scott Murphy

T. Hayes

UniVerse was created as a companion site for Poets' Corner, a voluminous anthology of primarily public domain poetry written by poets over the last several hundred (or thousand) years. The intent of UniVerse is to provide an outlet for the poems we receive from contemporary authors, and provide a modern-day counterpoint of styles, subject matter, and viewpoints.

Click on an author's name from the index in the left column to access the collection. There may be multiple poems by each author, so please scroll down to view all.

This is intended to be a dynamic collection, but my editorial bandwidth isn't what it used to be. If you are in the field, and are willing to spare some volunteer effort, please let me know.

Contributions are actively welcomed, but must be made by the author / copyright holder. E-mail new material to Steve's attention with attribution and copyright information, and permission to use. Thank you. --Steve

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