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Pink hybrid tea rose, Park of Roses, Columbus, Ohio.

(B&W, ASA 400, hazy late afternoon sunlight, normal lens, cropped)

"It's hard to take a bad picture of a flower." --Louis Spanoudis

The park of the Roses is a good place to practice picture taking in the summertime: flowers galore, weddings regularly, runners and cyclists and kite-flyers and soccer-players and fireworks at adjacent Whetstone Park. But mostly roses. many of them.

Marble Statue in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece.

(B&W / slight sepia tint, ASA 400, indoor with skylights, normal lens, cropped)

The National Museum includes some of the most striking statuary ever created. Much of it is from the ancient cemetary, where the Panathenaic processions began, winding their way up to the Acropolis. I know nothing about this one, other than the fact that the eyes made it difficult to forget.

Sidewalk artist contemplating the last details of his drawing, Cologne, Germany.

(B&W, ASA 400, foggy late morning, mid-autumn, wide-angle lens,cropped)

All stores except the sausage vendors are closed in german cities on Sundays, but Sunday becomes the busiest day of the week as everyone turns out to window-shop. Musicians and puppeteers are common sidewalk entertainment, as are the sidewalk artists, who draw great but temporary masterpieces on the pavement, all for the attention and the coins dropped into a hat. I liked this picture because of it's artist's view: nothing but the feet of passers-by.

Jubilee Clematis, Lexington, Kentucky

(B&W; ASA 100, direct late afternoon sun, early June, normal lens with 2x teleconverter, cropped)

Clematis vines are prolific bloomers, providing strong bursts of color in late spring, and additional blooms over a period of many weeks. Their large blooms with a pronounced burst of stamens and extended leaves provide good subjects for black and white images as well.

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California

(B&W, ASA 100, mid-morning sun, late March, normal lens)

Popular for everything from wedding photography to filming car commercials, the Palace of Fine Arts is a wonderful, hidden spot for picture taking. Tucked away on to the left side of the entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge, this beautiful left-over from the 1915 World's fair once had eight domes and extensive colnades. Now only one remains, but the tall colonades with elegant capitols, lofty dome, and swan-filled reflecting pond make it one of those places where a bad picture is almost impossible to take.

Quiet backwater, behind the Bluebird, Leland, Michigan.

(B&W, ASA 100, hazy mid-day sun, instamatic camera)

Sometimes the scene is so good it doesn't matter what you use for a camera. The midday sun and perfect stillness turn the water to glass. As a child, my family sometimes vacationed in Traverse City, Michigan, and day trips to Leland and the nearby sand dunes made for good memories. In Leeland lies the Bluebird restaurant, with this view behind it.

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