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PHOTOGRAPHY is a fickle passtime. You can study a scene, pose it with care, wait patiently for the right moment, hold the camera perfectly still, and get a lousy picture. But sometimes you get a gem instead. I have always enjoyed taking pictures, whether with an early instamatic, or my wife's Nikon EM, my own battered but trusty Nikon FG, or today's digital cameras. A photograph freezes a place or a moment in your memory like nothing else can. Particularly if you run across it, unexpectedly, long after it was taken. These photos, mine and those of some family and friends, are of places we've been and things we've seen and thought worth sharing. Enjoy them, as we did. This page is a menu of small photo essays. The vast majority of the photos on The Other Pages are in the two Beautiul Images collections - note the links to them at the left side of the page. --Steve

New Orleans in Neon
Restaurant and other things along Bourbon Street late one night sometime in the mid 1990s

Black & White I
Eclectic images from the late 1980s

Smoky Mountains
A few pictures from hiking through the national park with Chris in the early 1990s

From a visit with Joanne in the mid 1990s.
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