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Jean Starr Untermeyer (1886 July 1970)

(Limited Resolution)

Born in Zanesville, Ohio in 1886, Jean Star moved to New York to attend Columbia University. She left college in 1907 to marry poet and editor Louis Untermeyer. Luis encouraged her to publish her poetry, which she did, both in the magazines of the day and in book form, with her first volume, Growing Pains, appearing in 1918. The Untermeyer appartment was a gathering-place for poets, including Robert Frost, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Carl Sandburg, Ezra Pound and others. Jean also wrote several novels, tried her hand as a romantic singer in Vienna in 1924, wrote book reviews for The New York Times and The Saturday Review, translated Broch's The Death of Virgil and a biography of Schubert, and lectured on poetry and literature at universities and writers' conferences.

Jean had a long and varied life, with strong interest in writing and music. She published additinal volumes of poetry, Job's Daughter, Dreams Out of Darkness (1921), Steep Ascent (1927), The Winged Child (1936), and Love and Need (1940) and Re-creations - a book of poetry translations. Jean had one son with Louis, Richard Untermeyer, who committed suicide while attending his sophomore year at Yale in 1927. Her marriage with Luis ended in 1925 - they were later re-married, and then re-divorced in 1951. She died in July, 1970 in New York.

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[Bigraphical Summary by Steve Spanoudis - sources: Library of Congress, Yale University Library, Time Magazine Archives, New York Times Archives, Ohio Women's Hall of Fame]

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