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    The azured vault, the crystal circles bright,
    The gleaming fiery torches powder'd there;
    The changing round, the shining beamy light,
    The sad and bearded fires, the monsters fair;
    The prodigies appearing in the air;
    The rearding thunders and the blust'ring winds;
    The fowls in hue and shape and nature rare,
    The pretty notes that wing'd musicians finds;
    In earth, the sav'ry flowers, the metall'd minds*;            {mines}
    The wholesome herbs, the hauty pleasant trees,
    The silver streams, the beasts of sundry kinds,
    The bounded roars and fishes of the seas--
        All these, for teaching man, the Lord did frame
        To do His will whose glory shines in thame*.            {them}

    James Charles Stuart, King James I

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