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[Index to poems in the collection by John Hall Wheelock ]

. Departure

    THE twilight is starred,
    The dawn has arisen;
    Light breaks from the east
    And Song from her prison.

    Faint odors and sounds
    The west-wind discloses
    Of laughter and birds,
    Of singing and roses.

    It is time to be gone --
    Day scatters the gloom;
    But here at my side,
    But still in the room,

    Like the angel of life,
    Too kind to depart,
    You hang at my lips,
    You hang at my heart!

    John Hall Wheelock

. Sunday Evening in the Common

    [Van Wyck Brooks - the Van Wyck mentioned in the last stanza, was Wheelock's college roommate at Harvard; the two published 'Verses of Two Undergraduates' in 1905 --Steve]

    LOOK—on the topmost branches of the world
         The blossoms of the myriad stars are thick;
         Over the huddled rows of stone and brick,
    A few, sad wisps of empty smoke are curled
         Like ghosts, languid and sick.

    One breathless moment now the city's moaning
         Fades, and the endless streets seem vague and dim;
         There is no sound around the whole world's rim,
    Save in the distance a small band is droning
         Some desolate old hymn.

    Van Wyck, how often have we been together
         When this same moment made all mysteries clear;
         —The infinite stars that brood above us here,
    And the gray city in the soft June weather,
         So tawdry and so dear!

    John Hall Wheelock

[Index to poems in the collection by John Hall Wheelock ]

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