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Is It Possible

             IS IT possible
          That so high debate,
       So sharp, so sore, and of such rate,
    Should end so soon and was begun so late?
             Is it possible?

             Is it possible
          So cruel intent,
       So hasty heat and so soon spent,
    From love to hate, and thence foth to relent?
             Is it possible?

             Is it possible
          That any may find
       Within one heart so diverse mind,
    To change and turn as weather and wind?
             Is it possible?

             Is it possible
          To spy it in an eye
       That turns as oft as chance on die?
    The troth thereof can any try?
             Is it possible?

             It is possible
          For to turn so oft,
       To bring that lowest that was most aloft,
    And to fall highest, yet to light* soft.            {alight, land}
             It is possible.

             All is possible,
          Whoso list* believe;             {wants to, cares to}
       Trust therefore first, and after preve*:            {prove}
    As men wed ladies by license and leave,
             All is possible.

    Sir Thomas Wyatt     from the Devonshire Manuscript

What Should I Say

    WHAT should I say
       Since Faith is dead,
    And Truth away
       From you is fled?
       Should I be led
    With doubleness?
    Nay, nay, Mistress!

    I promised you,
       And you promised me,
    To be as true,
       As I would be;
       But since I see
    Your double heart,
    Farewell my part!

    Thought for to take,
       It is not my mind
    But to forsake --
       I am not blind--
       And as I find
    So will I trust.
    Farewell, unjust!

    Can ye say nay?
       But you said
    That I alway
       Should be obeyed?
       And thus betrayd
    Or that I wist*--             {knew}
    Farewell, unkist!

    Sir Thomas Wyatt     from the Devonshire Manuscript

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