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- F -

    A Face in the Crowd (1957)

  1. Illegal? Honey, nothing's illegal if they don't catch you!
      Anthony Franciosa as Joey DePalma

  2. I'm not just an entertainer. I'm an influence, a wielder of opinion, a force! a force!
      Andy Griffith as Lonesome Rhodes

  3. Fame (1980)

  4. I'm about as flamboyant as a bagel.
      Maureen Teefy as Doris Finsecker

  5. Never being happy isn't the same as being unhappy. Is it?
      Paul McCrane as Montgomery McNeil

  6. I like your nose ring. Did it hurt, or is that ethnic?
      Laura Dean as Lisa Monroe

  7. Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

  8. If what I think is happening is happening - it better not be.
      Meryl Streep as Mrs. Fox

  9. Why a fox? Why not a horse, or a beetle, or a bald eagle? I'm saying this more as, like, existentialism, you know? Who am I? And how can a fox ever be happy without, you'll forgive the expression, a chicken in its teeth?
      George Clooney as Mr. Fox

  10. Basically, there's three grabbers, three taggers, five twig runners, and a player at Whackbat. Center tagger lights a pine cone and chucks it over the basket and the whack-batter tries to hit the cedar stick off the cross rock. Then the twig runners dash back and forth until the pine cone burns out and the umpire calls hotbox. Finally, you count up however many score-downs it adds up to and divide that by nine.
      Owen Wilson as Coach Skip

  11. I should have listened to my lawyer.
      George Clooney as Mr. Fox

  12. Farenheit 451 (1966)

  13. Fahrenheit four five one is the temperature at which book paper catches fire and starts to burn.
      Oskar Werner as Guy Montag

  14. Well, it's a job just like any other. Good work with lots of variety. Monday, we burn Miller; Tuesday, Tolstoy; Wednesday, Walt Whitman; Friday, Faulkner; and Saturday and Sunday, Schopenhauer and Sartre. We burn them to ashes and then burn the ashes. That's our official motto.
      Oskar Werner as Guy Montag

  15. To learn how to find, one must first learn how to hide.
      Oskar Werner as Guy Montag

  16. Is it true that a long time ago, firemen used to put out fires and not burn books?
      Julie Christie as Clarisse

  17. Fargo (1996)

  18. "No." That's the first thing you've said in the last four hours. That's, a fountain of conversation there, buddy. That's a geyser.
      Steve Buscemi as Carl Showalter

  19. Say Lou, didya hear the one about the guy who couldn't afford personalized plates so he went and changed his name to J3L2404?
      Frances McDormand as Marge Gunderson

  20. Oh, I just think I'm gonna barf... Well, that passed. Now I'm hungry again.
      Frances McDormand as Marge Gunderson

  21. You should see the other guy!
      Steve Buscemi as Carl Showalter

  22. So that was Mrs. Lundegaard on the floor in there. And I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper. And those three people in Brainerd. And for what? For a little bit of money. There's more to life than a little money, you know. Don't you know that? And here ya are, and it's a beautiful day. Well, I just don't understand it.
      Frances McDormand as Marge Gunderson

  23. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

  24. This is U.S. History, I see the globe right there.
      Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli

  25. I shall serve no fries before their time.
      Judge Reinhold as Brad Hamilton

  26. So what Jefferson was saying was "Hey! You know, we left this England place because it was bogus. So if we don't get some cool rules ourselves, pronto, we'll just be bogus too." Yeah?
      Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli

  27. In Ridgemont? We can't even get cable TV here, Stacy, and you want romance.
      Phoebe Cates as Linda Barrett

  28. Fatal Attraction (1987)

  29. I will NOT be ignored!
      Glen Close as Alex Forrest

  30. Father Goose (1954)

  31. So far you're shared me out of my clothes, my food and my house. Now, how about sharing some of my things with me.
      Cary Grant as Walter Eckland

  32. Let me tell you I am not a father figure. I am not a brother figure or an uncle figure or a cousin figure. In fact, the only figure I intend being is a total stranger figure.
      Cary Grant as Walter Eckland

  33. I have an infuriating lack of talent for doing simple things.
      Leslie Caron as Catherine Freneau

  34. Lady, you are making a powerful enemy.
      Cary Grant as Walter Eckland

  35. If you're waiting for the big finale, I'm sorry this is all I do.
      Cary Grant as Walter Eckland

  36. Walter, I look awful in black!
      Leslie Caron as Catherine Freneau

  37. A Few Good Men (1992)

  38. Is the colonel's underwear a matter of national security?
      Tom Cruise as Lt. Daniel Kaffee

  39. You canít handle the truth!
      Jack Nicholson as Colonel Jessup

  40. You don't need a patch on your arm to have honor.
      Tom Cruise as Lt. Daniel Kaffee

  41. You won't find him. Do you know what Markinson did for his first 17 of his 26 years in the corps? Counterintelligence. Markinson is gone. There is no Markinson.
      Kevin Bacon as Captain Jack Ross

  42. Commander, I'd like you to leave the room so we can talk about you behind your back
      John M. Jackson as Captain West

  43. You have no idea how to defend a nation. All you did was weaken a country today.. That's all you did. You put people's lives in danger. Sweet dreams, son.
      Jack Nicholson as Colonel Jessup

  44. Walk softly and carry an armored tank division, I always say.
      Jack Nicholson as Colonel Jessup

  45. Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

  46. As the good book says, when a poor man eats a chicken, one of them is sick.
      Topol as Tevye

  47. Money is the world's curse
      Paul Michael Glaser as Perchik

  48. As the good book says, if you spit in the air, it lands in your face.
      Topol as Tevye

  49. People! I tell you, Tzeitel, if God lived on earth, people would break his windows!
      Molly Picon as Yente

  50. As the good book says 'Each shall seek his own kind'. In other words a bird may love a fish but where would they build a home together?
      Topol as Tevye

  51. If the rich could hire others to die for them we, the poor, would all make a nice living.
      Shimen Ruskin as Mordcha

  52. I'm a pleasant fellow, charming, honest, ambitious, quite bright, and very modest.
      Ray Lovelock as Fyedka

  53. Field of Dreams (1989)

  54. It's okay, honey. I... I was just talking to the cornfield.
      Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella

  55. If you build it, he will come.
      (The Voice)

  56. This is my corn. You people are guests in my corn.
      Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella

  57. The only thing we had in common was that she was from Iowa, and I had once heard of Iowa.
      Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella

  58. You're seeing a whole team of psychiatrists, aren't you?
      James Earl Jones as Terence Mann

  59. You know we just don't recognize the most significant moments of our lives while they're happening. Back then I thought, well, there'll be other days. I didn't realize that that was the only day.
      Burt Lancaster as Dr. Archibald "Moonlight" Graham

  60. Fierce Creatures (1997)

  61. No, no. This is the kind of conversation that two people have when one of them is female.
      Kevin Kline as Vince McCain

  62. I don't like you. You're weird and unattractive.
      Kevin Kline as Vince McCain

  63. Brilliant! Well done! Thank you so much, especially for shooting him right between the eyes, so that it doesn't look like an accident.
      John Cleese as Rollo Lee

  64. Mr. Sylvester Stallone didn't get where he is today by playing in Jane Austen.
      John Cleese as Rollo Lee

  65. And I want to thank you all, personally, for the incredible enthusiasm that you've shown vis-ŗ-vis our latest new innovative initiative. You look fantastic. You're no longer a bunch of smelly old animal keepers. No, as of today, you are official Theme Zoo Visitation Enhancement Facilitators.
      Kevin Kline as Vince McCain

  66. I'm going to the shed. Mother always said, when you're naughty, you go to the shed. And I've been naughty.
      Kevin Kline as Vince McCain

  67. The Fifth Element (1997)

  68. You see, Father, by creating a little destruction, I'm actually encouraging life. In reality, you and I are in the same business.
      Gary Oldman as Zorg

  69. Everything you create, you use to destroy.
      Milla Jovovich as Leeloo

  70. Whoa, lady, I only speak two languages, English and bad English.
      Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas

  71. I don't know love. I was built to protect not to love, so there is no use for me other than this.
      Milla jovovich as Leeloo

  72. I don't like warriors. Too narrow-minded, no subtlety. And worse, they fight for hopeless causes. Honor? Huh! Honor's killed millions of people, it hasn't saved a single one.
      Gary Oldman as Zorg

  73. If you want something done, do it yourself.
      Gary Oldman as Zorg

  74. Fight Club (1999)

  75. Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.
      Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden

  76. People do it everyday, they talk to themselves... they see themselves as they'd like to be, they don't have the courage you have, to just run with it.
      Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden

  77. Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men who've ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War's a spiritual war... our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won't. And we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off.
      Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden

  78. You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet.
      Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden

  79. When you have insomnia, you're never really asleep... and you're never really awake.
      Edward Norton as the Narrator

  80. On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.
      Edward Norton as the Narrator

  81. The first rule of Fight Club is - you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is - you DO NOT talk about Fight Club. Third rule of Fight Club, someone yells Stop!, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over. Fourth rule, only two guys to a fight. Fifth rule, one fight at a time, fellas. Sixth rule, no shirt, no shoes. Seventh rule, fights will go on as long as they have to. And the eighth and final rule, if this is your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight.
      Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden

  82. A new car built by my company leaves somewhere traveling at 60 mph. The rear differential locks up. The car crashes and burns with everyone trapped inside. Now, should we initiate a recall? Take the number of vehicles in the field, A, multiply by the probable rate of failure, B, multiply by the average out-of-court settlement, C. A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of a recall, we don't do one.
      Edward Norton as the Narrator

  83. Finding Forrester (2000)

  84. The key to a woman's heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time.
      Sean Connery as Forrester

  85. Finding Nemo (2003)

  86. I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food.
      Barry Humphries as Bruce the Shark

  87. What is it with men and asking for directions?
      Ellen Degeneres as Dory

  88. Give it up old man, you can't fight evolution, I was built for speed!
      Ellen Degeneres as Dory

  89. You know for a clownfish, he really isn't that funny.
      (unknown) as Bill

  90. Oh, the human mouth is a disgusting place.
      Austin Pendleton as Gurgle

  91. Wow. I wish I could speak whale
      Ellen Degeneres as Dory

  92. Fish aren't meant to be in a box, kid. It does things to them.
      Willem Dafoe as Gill

  93. I suffer from short term memory loss. It runs in my family... At least I think it does
      Ellen Degeneres as Dory

  94. A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

  95. We didn't lose Vietnam. It was a tie!
      Kevin Kline as Otto

  96. Aristotle was not Belgian, the principle of Buddhism is not "every man for himself", and the London Underground is not a political movement. Those are all mistakes, Otto. I looked them up.
      Jamie Lee Curtis as Wanda

  97. I offer a complete and utter retraction. The imputation was totally without basis in fact, and was in no way fair comment, and was motivated purely by malice, and I deeply regret any distress that my comments may have caused you, or your family, and I hereby undertake not to repeat any such slander at any time in the future.
      John Cleese as Archie

  98. To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people. I've known sheep who could outwit you. I've worn dresses with higher IQs.
      Jamie Lee Curtis as Wanda

  99. Flashdance (1983)

  100. When you give up your dream, you die.
      Michael Nouri as Nick

  101. I was so poor I had hand-me-down lunches.
      Michael Nouri as Nick

  102. The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T (Terwilliger) (1953)

  103. I am no cog; I don't even like the sound of it. I am an independent contractor.
      Peter Lind Hayes as Mr. Zabladowski

  104. We should always believe children. We should even believe their lies.
      Peter Lind Hayes as Mr. Zabladowski

  105. The Fly (1986)

  106. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
      Geena Davis as Ronnie

  107. Am I becoming a hundred-and-eighty-five-pound fly? No, I'm becoming something that never existed before. I'm becoming... Brundlefly. Don't you think that's worth a Nobel Prize or two?
      Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle

  108. My teeth have begun to fall out. The medicine cabinet is now the Brundle Museum of Natural History. Wanna see what else is in it?
      Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle

  109. Forrest Gump (1994)

  110. My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
      Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

  111. You have to do the best with what God gave you.
      Sally Field as Mrs. Gump

  112. Mama says they was magic shoes. They could take me anywhere.
      Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

  113. Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey's uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich.
      Mykelti Williamson as Bubba

  114. Mama said stupid is what stupid does.
      Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

  115. Sometimes, I guess there's just not enough rocks.
      Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

  116. Now for some reason I fit in the army like one of them round pegs. It's not really hard. You just make your bed real neat and remember to stand up straight and always answer every question with "Yes, drill sergeant."
      Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

  117. When I got tired, I slept. When I got hungry, I ate. When I had to go, you know, I went.
      Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

  118. What's normal anyways?
      Sally Field as Mrs. Gump

  119. Four Wedings and a Funeral (1994)

  120. The great advantage of having a reputation for being stupid: People are less suspicious of you.
      James Fleet as Tom

  121. I remember the first time I saw Gareth on a dancefloor. I feared lives would be lost.
      John Hannah as Matthew

  122. Did anyone else tread in a cowpat? No, thought not.
      James Fleet as Tom

  123. Frankenstein (1931)

  124. Look! It's moving. It's alive. It's alive... It's alive, it's moving, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!
      Colin Clive as Dr. Frankenstein

  125. Oh, in the name of God! Now I know what it feels like to be God!
      Colin Clive as Dr. Frankenstein

  126. Have you never wanted to do anything that was dangerous? Where should we be if no one tried to find out what lies beyond? Have your never wanted to look beyond the clouds and the stars, or to know what causes the trees to bud? And what changes the darkness into light? But if you talk like that, people call you crazy. Well, if I could discover just one of these things, what eternity is, for example, I wouldn't care if they did think I was crazy.
      Colin Clive as Dr. Frankenstein

  127. Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

  128. Face it, girls, I'm older and I have more insurance.
      Kathy Bates as Evelyn Couch

  129. A heart can be broken, but it will keep beating just the same.
      Jessica Tandy as Ninny Threadgoode

  130. My daddy always used to say there was a separate god for children.
      Mary-Louise Parker as Ruth

  131. Secret's in the sauce.
      Cicely Tyson as Sipsey

  132. You a politician, or does lying just run in your family?
      Mary Stuart Masterson as Idgie Threadgoode

  133. The Fugitive (1993)

  134. If they can dye the river green today, why can't they dye it blue the other 364 days of the year?
      Daniel Roebuck as Marshall Biggs

  135. Alright, listen up, people. Our fugitive has been on the run for ninety minutes. Average foot speed over uneven ground barring injuries is 4 miles-per-hour. That gives us a radius of six miles. What I want from each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area. Checkpoints go up at fifteen miles. Your fugitive's name is Dr. Richard Kimble. Go get him.
      Tommy Lee Jones as Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard

  136. Let that be a lesson to you, boys and girls. Don't ever argue with the big dog, because the big dog is always right.
      Tommy Lee Jones as Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard

  137. It wasn't me. It was the one armed man.
      Harrison Ford as Dr. Richard Kimble

  138. Funny Girl (1968)

  139. Hello, gorgeous.
      Barbara Streisand as Fanny Brice

  140. What kind of mother would name a boy Florence?
      Kay Medford as Rose Brice

  141. You think beautiful girls are going to stay stars forever? I should say not! Any minute now they're going to be out! Finished! Then it'll be my turn!
      Barbara Streisand as Fanny Brice

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